The Matt Metal Show 1-13-2012

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey Everyone!

The show is up on Facebook if you missed it and will be available to iTunes shortly.  If you have the ability to podcast from iTunes, please take the time to check out past shows.  I really think that we have a good brand going.  You can “like” us on Facebook and get updates and playlists every week.  This week, we had three special guests for the show, first off was George Wacker from Lehigh Valley with love.  George runs his own blog site and last year he started the LV With Love Prom.  I understand that it was a blast to go to, and this years event will be one week from tonight, Jan 21 at Molly’s in Bethlehem.  The proceeds from this event goes to MS.  For more information about this, check out

Bobby from Biohazard called in to let us know what was happening in their world.  He really was a great interview and I look forward to heading to Reading on Monday night to catch their show.  Reverb is the place where this will be happening.  It has been a long time since I saw the band, and with their new release called Reborn, I look forward to this!  Tickets are still available for this show!  Hope to see you there on Monday night.

Last but not least, Andy Clark, the lead guitar player for The Damn Dirty Apes stopped by the studio for a quick visit.  Andy was a great interview, and gave us some good in site on the band and what is happening with them.

Here is the playlist from the show:

Billy Idol – Scream

Accept – Pandemic

Stereo Transmitted Disease – Medicated Children of America

The Damned Things – Bad Blood

Dope – I’m Back

Static X – Skinnyman

Power Theory – Prevaricator

The Noid – The Anchor

Cobra Skulls – All Drive

Five Finger Death Punch – Under and Over It

Orange Goblin – Red Tide Rising

Road of Bones – Bleed For Something

W.A.S.P. – Love Machine

Britny Fox – Girlschool

Iron Maiden – Dance of Death

Guitar Wolf – Jet Generation

Anthrax – Fight Em Till You Can’t

Faith No More – Surprise Your Dead

Dio – Holy Diver

Clutch – Rock N Roll Outlaw

Biohazard – Punishment

Biohazard – Reborn

Adreniline Mob – Undaunted

Armored Saint – Loose Cannon

Lillian Axe – Lava On My Tounge

Lamb Of God – Ghost Walking

The Damn Dirty Apes – No!

The Damn Dirty Apes – The Devil and Sammy Davis

Thanks again for all that listened in.  It is a blast doing this for all of you!

Just saying….


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