Thoughts from Friday night’s radio show…

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello All!

I know it has been awhile, but I took a well deserved vacation to the Phoenix area last week!  I had such a great time with my friends and what a beautiful area.  Now I have been all over the world to travel, but I have so much to see of our own great country and this was a definite bucket list visit.  If you have never had the chance to get to the Phoenix area, please try to go.  I posted a picture of the view from the room on Facebook and Kevin Flores of St. Madness posted to it, “I see this everyday, I never get tired looking at it.”  By the time it was to go home, I understood what he meant.  I will have to make sure that I get back to this area.  To hike Squaw Peak, go to Barrett Jackson, hit up Blooze, and maybe be able to stay at The Camelback in with some amazing company again would be another blessing in my life.

Friday night brought us all back to the radio station for the radio show.  We were all glad to be back.  I did notice that for this past Friday that out of sight, out of mind set in.  Please don’t forget about us so fast.  I am sure that Josh and JJ did a good job with filling our slot.  To be honest, with all the changes that are taking place in my life, I am going to miss some upcoming shows.  Who knows how long I will keep doing the radio show.  It has been such a huge part of my life, but if I have to make some choices down the road, my children will win out every time.  For now, we will proceed on course.

Here is the playlist from the show.  We played some new music from Motorhead, Common Enemy, Orange Goblin, Adreniline Mob, Lamb of God, and who knows plus some classic old stuff.

Foghat – Fool For The City

Anvil – Metal On Metal

Motorhead – Killed By Death Featuring Doro Pesch

Lillian Axe – Lava On My Tounge

Common Enemy – Shark Attack

Adreniline Mob – Undaunted

Anthrax – The Devil That You Know

Lamb Of God – Ghost Walking

Orange Goblin – Red Tide Rising

Accept – Princess Of The Dawn

Accept – Flash Rockin Man

Kill Hannah – Lips Like Morphine

TT Quick – Metal Of Honor

Distorted Voices – Reason To Live

Faster Pussycat – Bathroom Wall

Testament – Time Is Coming

Dokken – Lightening Strikes Again

The Damn Dirty Apes – No!

The Damn Dirty Apes – Dead Engine

Death Angel – Seemingly Endless Time

Back Yard Babies – Highlights

Blue Murder – Blue Murder

Whitesnake – Slide It In

Twisted Sister – Can’t Stop Rock N Roll

Motley Crue – Wild Side

Motley Crue – Danger

Motley Crue – Sick Love Song

Motley Crue – Smokin In The Boys Room

Motley Crue – Holligans Holiday

Motley Crue – Kick Start My Heart

Steel Dragon – Blood Pollution

Black Sabbath – Iron Man

Iron Maiden – Flight Of Icarus

Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man

Judas Priest – Don’t Go

After the show, Suzy and I went to Mother’s in Easton to check out The Damn Dirty Apes!  Once again, they came and delivered!  No bullshit, just in your face metal/punk and done.  Loved it!  Every time they play, they keep on getting better and better, and the crowds are getting bigger and bigger.  Check out their new cd “The Apes of Wrath.”  If you cannot get it at a show, you can order it online from Overdose on Records, or now you can order it on iTunes.  Trust me, you will be glad to have this one in your collection!  We had a great time, and I know that TDDA has a new fan in Suzy!

Have a great week everyone and I will get back to this blogging stuff more often.

Just saying…..

  1. stevehawk85 says:

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience with me

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